Consumer & Market

Leader: Marijke Aluwé, ILVO, Belgium

Vice leader: Liliana Tudoreanu, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania

Core Group: Maria Font-I-Furnols, Susanne StøierIgor Tomašević

Overall objectives


Evaluation of consumer behaviour and development of specific information strategies

  • Are there differences in preferences between countries and in market acceptance of boar products in Europe? Which attitudes are knowledge-based?
  • Acceptance of immunocastration
  • Impact of EM specific sensory traits on pork consumption in Europe and export markets.

Evolution of views regarding alternatives to surgical castration strongly differs between countries. Differences in market acceptance as well as differences in societal pressure to ban surgical castration partly explain this diversity. However, considering foreign trade of pork within the EU, communication and a harmonization towards production systems with EM or IC are crucial.

IPEMA will support this transition by gathering information and investigating existing questions, but further transition is only possible if the overall acceptance increases.


Specific objectives:

  • Attitudes of the market and of consumers
  • Progress report related on sensory studies on boar taint
  • For consumer panels as well as trained panels guidelines on sensory studies


Specific Objectives for the second Grant Period (May 2017 - April 2018)

  • Evaluation of current research projects to identify the most important knowledge gaps in the field of consumer research
  • Common definition of boar taint and common protocol to evaluate consumer acceptance of androstenone and and skatole levels


See also the presentations given during the 2nd Annual meeting in Prague

Consumer studies on boar taint, by Igor Tomašević, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Boar taint and textural attributes of meat and meat produces from EM and IM male pig ‐ sensory data statistical analysis and modeling, by Liliana Tudoreanu, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary
Medicine of Bucharest, Romania

Consumer dissatisfaction according to androstenone and skatole levels: Lessons learnt from the CAMPIG study, by Michel Bonneau, IFIP, France

Cooked and smoked ham from boars - working with trained panel and consumers, by Lene Meinert and Margit Dall Aaslyng, Danish Meat Research Institute, Denmark

Need for facts and figures related to marketing entire male pigs, by Gé Backus, Connecting Agri&Food, Netherlands

Objectives and roadmap for WG6, by Marijke Aluwé, ILVO, Belgium