IPEMA organised an Industry meeting in Cluj, Romania (29th September 2017)

Publicatiedatum: 23-08-2017

29th September 2017, Cluj, Romania, 14:00-18:00

IPEMA invited stakeholders from the pork industry to discuss the issues around piglet castration and present the state of the art of the knowledge on alternatives to surgical castration without pain relief, focussing on the production of entire males and immunocastration

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There were lively discussions during the meeting on the possibility to use entire males as an alternative to surgical castration in the Romanian pork production chains. Dr. I. Ladosi clearly presented the challenges for the Romanian pork industry, some of them real difficulties that will have to be adressed. Other issues presented during his talk are no real challenge, underlying the existing gap between the available knowledge and the perception by chain actors. The particular case of local breeds was also extensively discussed between participants. 



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