What is IPEMA?

IPEMA, Innovative Approaches for Pork Production with Entire Males is a COST action (CA 15215) supported by the European Union.

The aim of the COST action IPEMA is to find general, region-specific or chain-specific solutions to facilitate the development of ALTERNATIVES TO SURGICAL CASTRATION OF PIGLETS:

  • Raising entire males
  • Immunocastration.

We are looking for integrated solutions taking into account Meat quality (Boar taint and other meat quality issues), Animal welfare, Management and production costs, Acceptance by stakeholders, consumers and citizens.

Our overall objectives are

  • To coordinate research to increase efficiency
  • To fill knowledge gaps between different areas in Europe as well as between science and stakeholders

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IPEMA Publications

The IPEMA publications are available here

For some of them, summaries in national languages are available



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IPEMA will co-organise session 39 during the 69th Annual meeting of the EAAP in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 27th to 31st August 2018.
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The oral and poster presentations given during our last annual meeting in Oeiras (Portugal) on 8th-9th February can be downloaded here.

The results from the CAMPIG project have been recently published. Summaries in Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, French and Spanish. Free access to the paper until 27th January 2018.

A paper from the CASTRUM project is available here (open access and summaries in 22 national languages)

New page on the website listing the IPEMA publications. For some publications summaries in national languages are available

IPEMA organised a training school in Ljubljana, Slovenia (20th-22nd November 2017)

IPEMA organised an industry meeting in Cluj, Romania (29th September 2017)

A leaflet to introduce COST action IPEMA


Consumer acceptance of minced meat patties from boars in four European countries

M. Aluwé,M. Aaslyng, G. Backus, M. Bonneau, P. Chevillon, J.-E. Haugen, L. Meier-Dinkel,...

Potential sensitivity of pork production situations aiming at high-quality products to the use of entire male pigs as an alternative to surgical castrates

M. Bonneau, M. Čandek-Potokar, M. Škrlep, M. Font-i-Furnols, M. Aluwé, The Castrum...

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Join us in IPEMA

To better disseminate the existing and future knowledge and know-how to all those who can make a profitable use of it, IPEMA seeks to increase its membership

  • by attracting new members from Eastern Europe and other neighbouring countries.
  • by including more relevant stakeholders of the pork production chains, including producer representatives, the industry, NGOs and governmental bodies

Membership is opened to institutions and organisations located in one of the countries included in this list. Institutions from other countries may also apply but they cannot be financially supported.

To apply for IPEMA membership, send us an email to explain who you are and why you are interested in joining us



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Future events

8th-9th February 2018: Our annual meeting in Oeiras, close to Lisbon, Portugal

 Past events

20th-22nd November 2017: IPEMA organised a training school in Ljubljana, Slovenia

29th September 2017: IPEMA co-organised an industry meeting in Cluj, Romania

7th September 2017: IPEMA representatives met the expert group on piglet castration in Brussels

30th August 2017: IPEMA co-organised a scientific session at EAAP 2017 in Tallinn

23rd-24th February 2017: Our last annual meeting in Prague

Members and Participants


The members of the Management Committe of IPEMA
are listed here

An extended list of people participating in the activities of IPEMA is available here: Participants